About This Product

Blizzard is original art from the Muskoka Living Collection. Each piece of art and frame is made to order at our self-owned and operated workshop in LA. Fully Customizable - have more or fewer panels made, set your own dimensions, choose from a variety of frame finishes, and protection. Fully customizable. From the treatment of the frame to the dimensions of the piece itself.

*The listed price is a 'starting at' price of $0 for one (1) panel. And will change as different options and variants are selected.

Product Details

Size: 50"x84" or "90"x30"
Frame: Solid Oak, Painted
Protection: Glass/Acrylic encasement built into the frame.
Medium: Clay tinted with natural pigment on handmade canvas.
by Thierry Zimmerman- Gendraud

*Fully Customizeable

Shipping Details

A sales support specialist will contact you to come up with a personalized quote and time estimate for delivery or local pick-up.

Placing an order

Click the 'Inquire About This Product' button to start the process. No billing information will be collected until you speak with a sales support specialist to let us know what options you want for your piece, a final quote is offered, and you give us the green light!