Care Instructions

Muskoka Living case goods are made with Grade A select white oak and finished with semi-transparent stains that highlight each piece and its unique identity. As a result, our products may vary in shade, texture or markings. These are not considered defects of the product, but rather a beautiful reminder of their organic nature.

Regular Care
Our furniture pieces are finished with pigmented hardwax oils. These oils give the pieces their desired colour and protect them.
However, this is no foolproof guarantee against stains. 
In case of a spill, wipe the surface immediately with a damp cloth. Always wipe in the direction of the wood grain.
Do not use soap containing detergent or other harsh chemicals. Dry with a soft cloth to prevent marking the surface. 

Deep Cleaning
To remove any superficial stains or refresh your piece we recommend using Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner (3029).
It will clean and reinforce the original protective coating. 

As oak wood products adapt to different climates, they can shift in size which may result in some cracking. This is a completely normal response to the furniture's environment and not covered under our warranty. The best way to minimize any cracking is to keep pieces in conditions that are moderate in both temperature and humidity. Keeping case goods in extreme conditions such as highly air conditioned, heated, or humid areas should always be avoided.

We also recommend completing regular maintenance to your pieces by applying Osmo Polyx-Oil (3054) after completing a soft sanding to their surfaces. Doing so will reinforce their protective coating, add extra softness to the surfaces and prevent cracking over time.