General notes:

  • Two-person job
  • If bed is being assembled on a hard surface, use a blanket or something soft to lay out the pieces.
  • Work with clean hands.


  • Rubber Mallet + padding

Number of Pieces:

  • Footboard - Qty: 1
  • Headboard - Qty: 1
  • Left Rail - Qty: 1
  • Right Rail - Qty: 1
  • Slats - Qty: 1
  • Box Spring (Not included) - Qty: 1

Illustration of Pieces

Video of Assembly Process


Step 1: Attach the left and right rails to the headboard.

  • Working together with another person, locate the headboard.
  • Place the headboard in the area you are going to install the bed. Have one person steady it.
  • Locate the left side rail and line it up with the notches on the headboard with the slots for the wooden slats facing in. Do the same with the right side rail.
  • When the rail is attached to the headboard, place your padding on the top edge of the rail and gently use the rubber mallet to secure it with 3 or 4 firm strikes. Final securing will take place after all four points are secured.
  • Repeat the process with the right side rail.


Step 2: Connect the side rails to the footboard.

  • Locate the footboard.
  • Working together with the other person, move the footboard to the bottom edge of the side rails. Make sure the female slot of the footboard is facing the male metal hooked notch of the rail. And the wooden legs are facing the headboard underneath the side rails.
  • Working one rail at a time – line up the male and female connector. Then lift the rail up slightly. Slide the rail towards the footboard while applying pressure to the bottom edge of the footboard so that it doesn’t slide away and lock the two pieces together.
  • Place your cushioning on the top of the side rail. Give the side rail 3 or 4 firm strikes with the rubber mallet.
  • Repeat this with the remaining side rail to complete connecting the left and right side rails to the head and footboard.
  • Once all four points have been latched together give the four corners of the bed a final pass with the rubber mallet and protective padding. Do not hammer into the rail without something to absorb the blow to avoid damaging the wood.

Step 3: Place the wooden slats in the frame

  • Locate the wooden slats. There are four of them.
  • Place the 4 wooden slats, one at a time, in the slots notched into the side rail so that the top side is flat, and the bottom side has the legs touching the ground.


Step 4: Put the slipcover on the bed.

  • Working with another person, position the slipcover in your hands so that the headboard end is in the leading hand and the footboard end is in the follow hand with the headboard being at the top/leading hand.
  • If you can get two more people to manage the following or footboard end, get them. Otherwise, proceed with two people.
  • Make sure that the Velcro edge of the slipcover is on the bottom, inside edge.
  • Starting with the headboard, slide the slipcover over and onto it taking care to place it smoothly over the headboard and two siderails.
  • Secure the headboard area of the slipcover to its Velcro attachment points before moving to the rails.
  • Slowly work your way down the rails to the footboard, sticking the slipcover to its Velcro connection points and smoothing along the way.
  • At the end of the process, make your final smoothing adjustments. Upon completion, the bed should look like the illustration below.



Step 5: Final touches!

  • Place your box spring on the slats.
  • Place your mattress on your box spring.
  • Dress it up with your bedding and pillows.
  • Take a picture so that the world can bask in your glory.
  • If you are a white glove service or installing for a client – send us a pic of the final installation for the records and final confirmation of a job well done! –

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